Thursday, 31 May 2012

Hello June. New beginnings.

Hello dear readers. Today is June the first, and this is gonna be the month where everything changes, and I mean it.

And if you don't know it already, esok merupakan hari pendaftaran bagi pelajar asasi baru ke UiTM, and I am one of them *hoorayy, tepuk bahu sendiri* And I'm proud to say, I'm taking foundation in Law. Hehee :D

 "Oh tahniah ! Bestnyaaaa ~ Dapat dekat mana u olls?"

Ehehh, urmm . . . kita dapat dekat Kuantan. Haha okay sedih kejap ~ Before dapat asasi law ni, actually kita dapat matriks dekat selangor. Tapi waktu tu gedik sangat kata dekat lah tak boleh nak melancong jauh-jauh lah, haa sekarang padan muka Tasha. Kan dah kena campak dekat Kuantan.

To be 120% honest, I feel really scared, nervous, sad, panic, insane. Sangat sangat ! Words can't express how freaked out I am right now okay. Oh goshh I feel like jumping of the rooftop right now ! But no, that's suicide. Berdosa tauu :P But heyy, at the same time, I'm also kinda feeling happy and excited. Urm, is that weird guyss ? :/

Barang pun still banyak belum pack, gosok pun belum. Alahaii malasnyaa. Kan best kalau petik jari je semua barang dah siap masuk dalam luggage, then kita cuma perlu angkut letak dalam boot kereta je. But I'm not Harry Potter so of course that would be impossible :) Anyways whatever happens tomorrow, I'm just hoping sangat sangat sangat sangat ter-amatlah sangat that everything will turn out fine for me. I hope I'm not too awkward.

"Rindu keluarga tak ?"

Of course everybody will miss their family. You'd be lying if you said you didn't. Will I cry ? Hopefully not. I only cry when I watch movies involving animals, no seriously ! Okay sampai di sini saja.. it's already 1:46am. Goodbye dear reader :)

tashaa xx

p/s Dear June, please be nice to me, and I promise I will
be nice to you too :)

*semua blog dulu-dulu dah hide-kan. Eii malulah bila baca balik, so immature of me haha. A new blog beginning for a new life. Amin :)*

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